Google Earth user friendly wonderful Application for all users

Google Earth is a user friendly mobile application for IOS Users and Android Users.

Google earth initially released on June 11 2001, stable released for google chrome, MacOS, windows, Linux, Android.

Preview released on 20th June 2018 for Windows, MacOS, Linux.

Measure the location distance between two different places in the map, It can be measured through meters & Kilometers.

Tap a location which is highlighted in color blue in within the map, It loads further and displays street view more in detail with pictures of roads & stores.

Here are the 5 best things to try


For more (Select a destination or ask a question like capital on India, This will guide you and shows delhi.

2.Knowledge Cards:

Knowledge cards provide information in Short about the specific location.

3.World in 3D View or 3D World:

 It provides your wonderful experience when you Rotate,Tilt, Zoomin, Zoomout the map using your two fingers, can be viewed in different angles. Users could view photorealistic 3D imagery roads, trees, water, lands & Building.

4.Take the helm with voyager: Options to choose your own adventure.

Travel : Places to explore like haunted places, estates, land art, winter places.

Nature: List of wildlife preserves places around the world,

Culture:  Places like Geek designations, Castles & Palaces, Full throttle race tracks, wineries in spain & brazil , horse racing tracks, easter celebration around the world, Film locations  

Sports: Places like rock climbing destinations, outdoor beautiful spots of yoga, russian soccer stadium, bike paths, super surf spots, gulf courses around the world, Hiking destination in canada, tennis stadium,sports stadium, outdoor ice-skate, epic ski jumps, international cricket grounds etc.

History: Historical places like Castles & Palaces, salt march to dandi, grand tour of italy, the underground railroad.

Education: About ecosystem, myth and legends around the world Layers, rivers of India.

Layers:  Like seafloor depth, age, temperature of sea surface,  24hours global precipitation, present global temperature and weather & wind speed.

5.Feeling Lucky: See where the world takes you.

Three different styles of map

Clean : Roads,labels without any borders

Exploration : Borders, roads & labels are included

Everything: All borders, labels, places roads, transport including landmarks and water

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