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10 Best Ways to Generate Huge Number of Followers On Instagram


10 best instagram tips and tricks to generate more followers


10 Best Ways to Generate Huge Number of Followers on Instagram

This is a common mistake and the fact that most of the Instagram users do, Comment, Like, follow people who are popular in Instagram profile, By looking at this, People start following you in return, because they are getting some good engagements because of you, Yes this helps to you get followers on your Instagram profile, Yes this happens but not all time, these followers are only for temporary period, Over the time they unfollow you.

If you still want to follow random people to generate more of followers in number count.

Question yourself

Are they genuinely follow you?

Are they right followers for your profile?

Do they match your profile niche?

Yes or No, If its no then go behind the “Quality of followers”,

Avoid following random users to increase in numbers, it just helps you to get “Quantity of followers to your profile”, What is the benefit you are getting out of it?

Are you getting a good number of engagements? (Like, Comments)

I’m sure still the engagement will be too less because they are not your right followers to your profile, They don’t belong to your niche.

Relevant Followers Niche

Follow the user who is completely relevant to your “Profile Niche” or to your who belongs to your business category.

Ex. If your profile is about Fitness workout, Diet tips, then starting following the people who into bodybuilding, weightlifting, CrossFit, Gym, Zumba, workout because people who are interested to keep them fit and conscious about their health & body only they show interest in such activities.

If he/she belongs to the same niche, Once they follow, generate the right content in your profile to retain them, keep your followers engaged with your great content. Avoid uploading the same content, come up with various content relevant to your niche.

Instagram Memes:

Instagram Memes

Use a strategy of Memes relevant to your niche.

Ex: Tag your best buddy, In future, he will look like this

The more engagements like comments, like you get chances of displaying in the discovery pages. Do you know how?

Instagram Algorithm Includes:

Instagram has an algorithm, Once when the picture gets published, how many comments, likes, video views, saves, shared posts, any other type of interactions you get for your post.

Instagram has come up with this change to improve the user’s experience by displaying relevant content.

The more engagements it gets, the more viral it will be, There are chances at one point of time to display those posts in discovery pages of Instagram because only popular content will be displayed in discovery pages.

Post Visual and Emotional Content with High-quality pictures and videos in Your Instagram Profile

Consistently generate a new content

Once a week


Start coming up with more of video content relevant to your profile, Video content has more engaging than image.

Tag People

Tag popular accounts(relevant niche)  into your content, So that followers from popular account look into your content it increases followers for your account and likes and comments for your content.

1. Use a keyword in your username  Ex: Digital Marketing Consultant (Personal branding), This improves in search and mainly for personal branding for your profile.

2. Optimize your profile, Use the link in your profile to grow your Instagram profile and website. (content, campaign), Mention about the context of the link which you added.

3. Use Great Hashtags: Avoid using the same hashtags every day, your engagement goes low, It’s like you are hitting or displaying your content to the same people again and again.

4.Mention: Start Using @mention XYZ(name), This mention could be your Instagram followers, When you start doing this, chances of getting more exposure to your profile, it boosts in likes, comments chances of earning more followers.

5.Combination Of Text: Use text on top of images as overlapping(Similar to a thumbnail image), It grabs the user audience for a second, It creates an engaging content, chances of getting more traffic/clicks. 

6.Video Content:  Every time when you come up with video content, Add an image with text combination as a thumbnail(text on video), Again this captures user attention for a second, chances of getting more clicks and views.

7.Image Content: Use HD images, quality images (capture people through visually) with high contrast.

8.Instagram Stories: The Instagram story is the best option to grab user attention to check your profile every 24 hours, Again this depends on great content( This can be image, video or ask for a question, edit with text using attractive color fonts & attractive emojis when required.

Ask for a question: Now you can for a question in your story.

question in instagram story highlighter

Emoji Slider: Add emoji sliders to your profile, One way to get a lot of engagements.

Story Stats: Check the story stats and start with a right strategy to build the audience and grab user attention.

Spotify Deep link: Adding music in your stories to grab user attention.

Story Highlighter: Start Adding your story to story highlights, this will also display in your profile page.

Story to Website: Link your Instagram story to your website, add an option to see more, Whenever somebody swipe, Users will be redirected to your website. This way visibility for your website increases even people will start looking at your new story update.

how to save your story highlighter


Note: To highlight a story into your profile,

That particular story shouldn’t be deleted before 24 hours, Once it completes 24 hours, you click on highlights to find a story, create a folder and added it, Highlighter option you find it at the bottom right of your story.

9.Profile picture: Add your profile picture with a circled brighter color outer layer, If you add a new story it indicates with the color combination of Pink, purple color, which looks similar to story circle and it also looks attractive.

Something like which I have personally added to my profile.

Instagram profile picture hack

10. Explore Pages & Profiles: Start exploring new pages and profile which is relevant to your niche, start following them. It means from your end when you follow the right profile  If they find you are genuine definitely they will follow you back. 

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